• September 29, 2005 29 Sep'05

    Yankee Group: SOA everywhere by 2006

    A new survey by the Yankee Group reports that service-oriented architecture (SOA) will be everywhere by 2006. The firm promises SOA will simplify IT processes, but trying to define SOA doesn't seem to simplify anything.  Continue Reading

  • September 28, 2005 28 Sep'05

    Doing an RDB call from an i270 to a s390

    I am trying to do an RDB call from an i270 to an s390, but I keep getting an error on CCSID. I have tried to make the 270 use 1208, which is what is used for QMF transfers. Do you know which CCSID would work?  Continue Reading

  • September 28, 2005 28 Sep'05

    How indexes help the query optimizer with statistics

    Using the SQL performance monitor of operation navigator, I have scanned for the recommended index. In the index list, one was on QSYS2/SYSTABLES view on the QSYS/QADBXREF table. I have created the recommended index, but unfortunately it looks like ...  Continue Reading