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Ask the Experts

  • Using 15,000 line RPG programs

    Ine user writes, "I have a strange problem with a 15000 line RPG program in which all of the 99 indicators are used. I need at least one more indicator to use in the display file the program uses. I need to use that one in the display ...  Continue Reading

  • iSeries communication conflict

    One member writes, "We are running V5R2 and have a PC running Microsoft DOS that controls equipment through a C program and produces an export file that we need to access. Moving to Windows is problematic. " Thankfully, iSeries ...  Continue Reading

  • Using the Print user profile command

    This iSeries user wonders if there Is a way to generate a report/file to display users, password expiration levels and date password expires. Security expert Carol Woodbury responds.  Continue Reading

  • Determining the speed of an Ethernet card

    One user writes, "How can I determine the speed of an Ethernet card on the iSeries?" Systems management expert Rich Belles shares his method.  Continue Reading

  • Saving escape characters

    One user writes, "How can I send escape characters to a network printer to change the font, orientation, etc? We currently do this with a printer interface module using "passthrough". When we try to send escape characters (hex 1B) directly to the ...  Continue Reading