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Ask the Experts

  • Performance degradation

    One member writes, "If the cache battery failed for the iSeries system (RAID5), is the system performance degraded?" Systems management expert Rich Belles says yes.  Continue Reading

  • Profile without ALLOBJ authority to view joblog

    One member asks, "We have the need to allow a support profile that does not have *ALLOBJ authority to view a production user profile's joblog. We have found the way to address this via Skyview/Ops Navigator/Host Applications/Customize...  Continue Reading

  • Answer and delete in the QSYSOPR message queue

    One member writes, "What controls a user's ability to be allowed to answer and (especially) delete messages in the QSYSOPR message queue? How can we restrict them?" Security expert Carol Woodbury explains.  Continue Reading

  • Working with ODBC and dates

    One member writes, "I use Business Objects and Viewpoint to access DB2/400 via ODBC. Since the new year some PTF's were applied (I don't know which ones) and now any SQL that converts strings to dates fails. The iSeries is managed ...  Continue Reading

  • Run command on a PC

    One member writes, "I want to start a .Wav file from my iSeries. It works with the STRPCCMD but the length of the parameter is limited to 123, which is too small. Are there any alternatives?" PC/Windows connectivity expert Shahar Mor ...  Continue Reading

  • Working with the SAVSYS command

    We have an old model F35 AS/400. I have been advised to do a SAVSYS. Do I need to shut down the sub-systems prior to doing save system?  Continue Reading