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What are the disadvantages/advantages between these two servers

What are the disadvantages / demerits of the following over their competitors: IBM AS400/9406 Model 720 ************************...

Processor 2061, Storage 768 MB DASD, 62.85GB Hard disk, QIC tape drive IBM AS400 / 9406 Model 500 ************************** Processor 2142, Storage 512 MB DASD, 25.16 Hard disk, QIC tape drive

The advantages of these 2 servers depend on what you want to do with them. They both can run the current version of IBM operating systems, V5R1. Your model 720 is often used as a web application server running WebSphere or Domino. It would work best as a dedicated web application server and would also benefit from added memory (to 1000 MB or more).

The model 500 can run SMALL traditional workloads OK (5250 and batch applications). It is clearly underpowered to function as a production web application server but could be used for testing fine. My laptop actually has more horsepower today!

This was last published in March 2002

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