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WebFacing error -- what does it mean?

Our AS/400 is running OS/400 V4R5, WebSphere Application Server 3.5.4. I installed the WebSphere Development tools V5R1 because I want use WebFacing. I can convert DDS Source and deploy the obtained JSP files and Java beans on the WAS. In runtime I see on the console of WebSphere that the WebFace servlet (ControllerServlet) is loaded, but I get in my browser this error: WebFacingInternalException. On the communication console I read the following messages: ccSetCurrentLibrary: RC=5. ccSetLibraryList: RC=5. What could be the reason of my problem?

The RC is equivalent to the "Return Code". This simply is indicating that the job running the WAS transactions...

is disabled, or the library list based on the user cannot set the library list correctly. Check to see that the QTMHH* User profiles are enabled and have valid job descriptions that contain only libraries that exist.


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This was last published in September 2001

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