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Using PCML for a complex iSeries application

Using PCML for a complex iSeries application

I've been developing Web-based applications using Java -- with struts framework. This module will be used for a service station. I need to call an BPCS application, such as creating a delivery order and a purchasing order.
PCML does work well to call iSeries host applications. The last BPCS version I worked on wasn't ILE procedure enabled so I could only call a program with parms at the entry point. PCML also allows you to call ILE public procedures directly. I think PCML, especially using the WDSC Web Interaction Wizard to generate it, is very productive.

IF you have LOTS of data to pass (a whole order table or something like that) you should write the order table to DB2 using the JDBC driver and just pass the order number as the key parameter in the PCML call. Let the host program read the "work data" from DB2 and generate a correct order.


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This was last published in December 2004

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