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Uninstalling Internet Explorer in XP

When I installed Windows XP, I automatically got Internet Explorer 6.0. When I went to one of my crossword puzzle...

sites, it stated that I had to download Microsoft Virtual Machine to handle the Java script. When clicked "Go ahead" -- IE 6.0 displayed a message that automatic download of MVM is no longer allowed. How can I get this software to work my puzzles? Is it possible to go back to IE 5.x?

I haven't tried uninstalling Internet Explorer in XP. I would check Microsoft's online library with a search on "uninstall" to see if it's documented. I also don't know if you can install IE 5.x on XP. Check there too.

Issues like that are why a lot of my customers HAVEN'T put up XP in their companies even if they use it on their home PC's.


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This was last published in August 2002

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