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Taking 5250 green-screen apps to a GUI interface

We are an RPG III shop, with no experience in OO languages. We want to take our 5250 green-screen apps to a GUI...

interface and are considering using IBM's new WebFacing tool. Are we going to need programming in Java to do this, or will the tool really work for us without making that investment? What about down the road?

The new development tools for the AS/400 and WebSphere will allow direct coding in RPG and converting to Java on-the-fly. The generated code is deliverable as compiled objects (in the IFS). It should not require a lot of retraining or retooling, except for limitations in normal HTML/Java/Web applications present. As long as you remember that the code that it creates will not be the most efficient because it is a code generator (much like Synon-As/Set), it should do the job for you. The exact names of the products to do this escape me, but they were released in 4Q of 2000 and are available now. I believe they are part of the WebSphere Developer Toolbox enterprise edition.

This was last published in April 2001

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