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Send parameters correctly to the browser when creating a PHP page

When using the STRPCCMD command, define the combined variable in the PHP and phrase it into the script to send parameters to the browser.

I have created a PHP page that I need to display on Internet Explorer. I can get the screen to pop but I cannot get all of my parameters to be sent to the browser. I am using the STRPCCMD command and recognize the limitation of 123 bytes.

My command is as follows:

Only the first parameter is received. Can you tell me what is wrong?
Although there is a limitation to STRPCCMD, you did not reach this limit yet. Is this link working correctly as a simple URL (i.e not via STRPCCMD but via typing the URL directly to the browser)?

If it works with a direct URL then I can only assume something is wrong with the & tag. Try to define the variable in the PHP that is combined and work with it to phrase in the PHP script. For example:

http://dev:89/dev/cust.php?mydata=333,12226400,687228,1,morgan etc..

This was last published in February 2009

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