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Run a WebSphere test environment in VAJ

I am trying to run the WebSphere Test Environment in VAJ to run a servlet. The problem: I am unable to start the...

persistent server. It gives me a error that specified driver not found. I am connecting to DB2 using COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.app.DB2Driver.

It would be nice to use the local DB2 UDB support for running the WebSphere Test Environment (WTE) name server BUT that can be VERY difficult.

Turns out, VisualAge and WebSphere are both VERY picky about the correct version of the JDBC driver. I have only been able to get DB2 to work at V6R1 with fix pack 4 applied.

Nothing else worked and no one at IBM support could verify another version would work to run the name server.

The EASY way to get the WebSphere Test Environment (WTE ) working is to use the instant DB database included with VisualAge. It works perfectly if you install it and use it as the default name server.

I do use DB2 UDB V6 or V7 as my actual database server for both JDBC connections and data sources fine in WTE. The only hitch: I can't use it as the name server.

Be sure to add the db2java.zip file to the VisualAge workspace classpath ( workbench | Windows | Options | Resources ).

In my case, the entry I add is based on where I have DB2 installed on my system:


Remember DB2 UDB works fine with WTE EXCEPT as a name server!

This was last published in July 2001

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