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Retrieve a source from a CLLE program

Is there a tool that you're aware of that allows you to retrieve the source from a CLLE program?

I'm not aware of a RTVCLLESRC command. The new PASE debugger for V5R1 CAN disassemble a C program during debugging if that's any help.


The iSeries system debugger has a new user interface as of V5R1. This new user interface supports features such as: local variables, monitors, callstack, threads, hex memory dump, service entry points, automated held job support, breakpoint groups, program environments, and more. The iSeries Graphical System Debugger is designed specifically for debugging applications running on an iSeries system. It supports all start up scenarios and programming languages as the green screen system debugger: ILE C/C++, ILE RPG, ILE COBOL, ILE CL, Java, OPM RPG, OPM COBOL, OPM CL.

This new user interface is written in Java, thus will run on many different platforms. It supports all of the languages currently supported by the green screen debugger: ILE C/C++, ILERPG, ILE Cobol, ILE CL, Java, OPM RPG, and OPM Cobol. The iSeries Graphical System Debugger offers a variety of start up modes such that all existing debug scenarios are still supported. The user can initiate debug sessions directly from the client user interface; or can register such that the STRDBG command from an emulation session initiates graphical debug instead of the traditional green screen interface. The iSeries Graphical System Debugger has also been enhanced to support debug of PASE applications. All the integrated features that appear in the ILE debugger also appear in the PASE debugger. In addition the PASE debugger has additional features such as: disassembler display, load map display, and support for multiple-process applications (i.e. fork () and exec () of child processes). The iSeries PASE Debugger is sure to be a hit with users porting UNIX applications to the iSeries platform.


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This was last published in February 2003

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