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Problem loading the Applet on WIN2000 developer PC

I wrote an Applet (using swing), which 'talks' to a Servlet for retrieving/storing data on the AS/400. When I load...

the Applet from the WAS v2 on a Win98 client, the Applet works. When I load the Applet on my WIN2000 developer PC, it refuses to load (time out, applet class not found error). The same thing happens when I try to load it in the WebSphere TestEnvironment. In my humble opinion this is due to the fact that the Java plug-in is (automatically) installed with Win98 and not with Win2000. However, I installed complete WDT400 toolset v3.5 (VAJAVA, Studio,...), which I use for development. When I check the folders for plugin's on my system, I find following folders relating to java1.2 and plugins installed by WDT400:

c:Program FilesIBMjava12jrebin

IE seems to 'see' the plugin (because the browser doesn't ask to install it) but cannot use it... Netscape ask to install it... Why can't I use the one that is installed by WDT400? Is it really necessary to install the plugin manually? What do I have to do to make it work in WebSphere Testenviroment in VAJAVA?

I wish I had good news for you, however, you are dealing with a Microsoft problem. When you get to Windows2000, the operating system is supposed to be an enhanced version of WinNT. That is not the case. If you are using LDAP, be aware that Windows 2000 will make objects invisible unless they are being called from a "Microsoft" product. Windows 2000 should follow the NT methods of installation, which would require the classes to be manually installed. I would suggest you go to the WebSphere forums and search the messages. I'm certain that I have seen this same situation multiple times. You can find the forums at IBM Software

This was last published in April 2001

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