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Passing data to a browser

Passing data to a browser

We are trying to achieve the following using IBM iSeries Client Access for Windows 95 -- V3R2, modification level 0:

1. Screen scrape a value from a particular Client Access screen.
2. Open a Web browser and navigate to a given URL containing the above value as a variable.

The ideal solution would be to add a button to the Client Access toolbar that upon clicking would scrape the required data from the current screen, open a new browser window, and navigate to a given URL containing the scraped value as a parameter.

Any assistance in this regard would be much appreciated.

There should be an EHILAPPI API in the 5250 terminal you can use to write a C program that grabs the data and then pass that to a page in a browser. It would be a lot of work compared to dropping Client Access in favor of WebFacing with Struts to do this. It would be approximately one day of work to do the custom JavaScript.


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This was last published in September 2003

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