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I'd like to create a Web site

I just started a new assignment at a company. I'm a high-level ILE developer specializing in ERP, but have had...

little experience in iSeries 400 RPG Web projects. At this company, one of first projects was to update existing iSeries ERP files and using a Web page format. In doing this, I found the methodology used at this company to be quite cryptic. There are no iSeries tools for developing the Web page, so I developed it with Homesite and transferred it to a source member file using Client Access. Then wrote RPGIV using their API's. After working with it, found it to be much too cumbersome (costly) to be able to rapidly deploy a new project. My assumption is the software used here is quite dated. The question is regarding state-of-the art iSeries software Web development methodology that is most cost effective. This company is at V4R5 and moving to V5R1 soon. Domino was also recently installed. What are recommendations for straightforward, rapid development software tools currently used on the iSeies where ILE RPGIV is used as the base language? Any education recommendations?

Your company should look at ordering IBM WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries. Given that your company already has the RPG compiler under software subscription and your at V4R5 or higher, you can order 5722-WDS for no charge! It includes ALL the iSeries host and workstation tools in the package. The key tool for you is WebSphere Studio, which contains great tools for VISUALLY developing JSPs for complex data access and RPG program calls using JDBC with a set of Data access beans, an SQL wizard to create the statements and a database wizard to generate a JSP application that runs the SQL statements returning results sets. There is a PAGE Designer that allows you to visually build or modify JSPs to get the look and feel you want on your Web site.

I teach a WebSphere Studio course where we build typical data access and update applications for the Web including RPG program calls WITHOUT writing any Java (it's all generated by the tools )... They can be very productive and easy to learn if you understand anything about Web development.


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This was last published in October 2001

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