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How can I explain WebSphere to non-technical folks?

I am currently with a sales division selling training on many IBM products and have been elected to give a short...

15 minute presentation on what WebSphere is for those folks who are sales people but not very technical. Can you help me with this or steer me in the correct direction?

WebSphere Application Server is IBM's family of Java Web application servers. Versions of WebSphere are available for every operating system: Windows, Linux, Unix, iSeries, mainframe etc. WebSphere is "middleware" for running Java Enterprise applications including Web applications that access data and process transactions. WebSphere "plugs into" any standard HTTP (Web) server to handle requests from a client. A client can be a user on a Web browser, a mobile user or a remote application. WebSphere supports enterprise applications based on open Java standards for J2EE ( Java 2 Enterprise Edition ). For more on J2EE architecture, check Sun's site. Enterprise applications can be simple or complex covering any application scenario. Optional components of an enterprise application can include: Web browsers or Java client applications, Java Web server applications that run in a WebSphere Web container, Enterprise Java Bean application modules that run in a WebSphere EJB container and legacy applications (e.g. RPG, COBOL etc) and relational database access.

Some key benefits for companies investing in J2EE standards based Java Web application servers:

  • More vendor choices for web application servers with open Java standards-based software
  • Building standard Java applications that are portable to all operating systems: "WORA" - Write Once, Run Anywhere
  • More frameworks to support running, developing Web applications than all other technologies combined
  • More vendor choices for development tools based on open Java standards
  • Larger pools of available developers and third-party service firms.
  • Higher productivity development tools, particularly IBM's WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries
  • Lower costs for development, deployment and support than any competing technology today

Some advantages for WebSphere on iSeries

  • Fastest growing Java Web application server in the industry
  • Majority of IBM customers run WebSphere
  • Offers better administration and deployment features overall than competitors
  • Best scalability to handle small to large web sites with performance, profiling, clustering features
  • Multiple versions matching scalability and pricing: Advanced edition and Single Processor edition
  • Good documentation and multiple training options.
  • Easiest learning curve for iSeries developers with IBM WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries
  • Supports all the new types of e-business applications: Web, EJB, XML, RMI, Web Services etc.
  • Supports J2EE version 1.2 standards in WebSphere version 4.0
  • WebSphere user groups (like one we are starting in Providence) support companies using WebSphere

For more on WebSphere, I have some presentations I could send you on WebSphere from a Developer or Administrator view point. You can reach me at jemason@ebt-now.com or call (508) 888-0344. In addition, check IBM's iSeries WebSphere.

This was last published in March 2002

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