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Convert a database file into XML

Is there a tool on the iSeries that can convert a database file into XML? If there's no native iSeries software,...

do you know of any third-party vendors that would have such a tool?

I'm sure their are multiple vendors. We've even built our own simple mapping tool. Good choices are the IBM WDSC (WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries) XML tools. Most customers can get this tool at no charge. Included are two XML tools that can convert DB2 data to XML:

1. IF you BUY IBM's DB2 Extender software for iSeries (expensive), you can use two simple wizards to move DB2 data to and from XML documents:

A. The XML to RDB mapping wizard to store XML data in DB2.
B. The XML SQL Query wizard to extract DB2 data to XML.

2. IF you want a simple, no charge, portable solution for any database and don't mind coding a little Java, use the SQLtoXML and XMLtoSQL classes. I prefer these.


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This was last published in August 2003

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