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Access a file in QTEMP library using Java

How can I access a file in QTEMP library (using Java) knowing that the temporary file was created before the execution...

of the Java class? Web development expert Jim Mason explains.

Let the job create the QTEMP file normally. Use a simple JDBC access to read or write to the file in QTEMP.

JDBC is dynamic and can pick up newly generated tables. Use the JDBC driver in the Java toolkit for testing for example.

It is in the jt400.jar file IBM distributes with the toolkit on the iSeries. Check for program 5722-WDS or 5769-JC1 installed on your iSeries. A typical URL for the toolkit driver might look like:

String URL = "jdbc:as400:myserver/Qtemp";

A select statement string like:


For my, see the JDBC Faqs in the Java toolkit. You could also use the local iSeries JDBC driver if the application runs on the iSeries server.


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This was last published in October 2002

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